Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Five: Ideas for the Long Weekend

It's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, and that means a three day weekend for most.  The weather forecast is a dream, with warm teperatures and sunshine forecast for the entire long weekend.  So, whether you're heading to the cottage, going camping, or just hanging out at home, here are my five ideas for making your long weekend great!

1- If a campfire is an option, gluten free S'mores are a must!  With a little imagination, perfectly edible S'mores can be made without an open fire too.  Graham wafers (I use Kinnikinnick), marshmallows and good chocolate combine in a heavenly treat that perfectly welcomes the beginning of summer.

2- Get outside!  Go for a walk, play in the park, work in the garden or just sit outside with a cool drink.  I'm going to get some gardening done, and my son and I have a date for a picnic in the backyard. 

Some of the herbs and peppers I'll be planting

Some of my early spring daffodils

My garlic, and some of the empty space where my hot peppers and herbs will go

3- Check out some fireworks.  This is one of my favourite activities.  We live near an amusement park, which means that we get a great view from our driveway.  The neighbours all bring out some lawnchairs, the kids run around, and we enjoy a million dollar view.  When I was a kid, we used to go to a local school yard where the fire department put on a display.  I'm sure that they were less elaborate than the ones I see now, but it didn't matter.  The excitement of staying up late and watching the show were enough to make any kid happy.

4- If the great outdoors isn't your thing, catch some sports action on T.V.  NHL playoffs are on, Champions League Soccer finals, tennis, etc.  Better yet, watch some sports on your laptop while sitting outside with a cold drink.

5- Relax and enjoy something that makes you happy but that you never seem to have enough time for.  Read a book.  Take a long bath.  Catch up with an old friend.  Spend some family time playing games.  Whatever makes you happy! 

Take a dip...

or just hang out with those you love...

My weekend hopefully will look a little something like this:

Tonight, to bed early with an advance copy of a book I got at the conference I attended a few weeks ago. 

Saturday, my son and I have some plans in the backyard- some gardening and a picnic in the morning, soccer finals in the afternoon, followed by some outside activity. 

Sunday, the menu plan cooking first thing in the morning, and then my mom is coming over to hang out for the day, capped off  by fireworks when the sun goes down.  I've left Monday open.  Maybe we'll spend the day relaxing, or decide to take a drive somewhere new. 

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