Monday, April 30, 2012

Voila Gluten Free Bakeree

On Saturday, we decided to make the drive out to Oakville to check out a gluten free bakery that I've had my eye on for a while.  Voila Gluten Free Bakeree is a small storefront bakery located right off Lakeshore Blvd. in Oakville, just a bit west of Trafalgar. 

They have a fairly extensive menu of baked goods, and they also sell premade frozen meals that you can take home and heat up when you need them.  I was immediately impressed by two things upon walking in the door- the prices and the clearly marked potential allergens on all the products.  The cookies started at $1 each, and they were huge.  Nothing was outrageously priced, unlike many specialty stores selling gluten free goods. 

The owner of the store greeted us, and when we told him we were looking for a cupcake for my son, his first question was to find out what else he was sensitive to besides gluten.  When we said dairy, he directed us immediately to the options that were suitable for our son.  Etienn picked out a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing, that looked and tasted delicious.  My husband but an alfajore, which are a traditional Latin American cookie.  They are best described as a sandwich of two shortbread style cookies with a fruit paste in the middle.  They are one of my favourite cookies, and the GF version didn't disappoint.

The owner also gave us a taste of his eggless white bread, which he said was the most popular with kids.  He wasn't lying.  My son ate his sample, and then asked for more, completely ignoring his chocolate cupcake in the process.  We bought a loaf, and it's already half gone.  It's better than any frozen bread I've tried, and the loaf is a regular size, not puny little slices.  Finally, I picked up some pita bread, because I haven't seen gluten free pita bread anywhere.  I'm dying to try it in a fatooush salad, or baked as pita wedges with some dip. 

Finally, we bought a chocoalte and vanilla swirl cookie, which I'm still waiting to try, and a huge whoopie pie that my husband and I shared over the course of the day.  The dark chocolate contrasted with the whipped cream-like filling was not too sweet, but irresistible. 

In total, we paid $25 for:
1 cupcake, 1 swirl cookie, 1 alfajore, 1 whoopie pie, 1 loaf of bread and 1 package of 4 pitas. 

In the gluten filled world, that might sound like a lot, but in the world of gluten free baking, where I've paid much more for products of inferior quality, this was a good deal. 

The only downside is that we live in Vaughan, so it's a bit of a drive.  Unfortunately trips to this bakery will be a treat for us, rather than a weekly affair.  Next time I plan to stock up and freeze items.  If I lived closer, I would be there every week.

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