Tuesday, April 10, 2012

St. Jacob's, Continued...

This year we spent the majority of Easter Weekend in St. Jacob's, Ontario.  If you missed the first post, click HERE to get caught up.  On Saturday, we visited the Farmer's Market.  The Market is open Thursdays and Saturdays year round, and Tuesdays as well during the summer months.  The market is billed as Canada's largest farmer's market, and has an indoor portion with two stories of vendors. 

In addition to the indoor shopping, there is a huge outdoor market where one can find anything from produce, to sausage, baked goods, clothes, housewares, etc.  My husband couldn't resist picking up some summer sausage to bring home, and I bought my niece the cutest handmade sweater for Easter.

In even found a vendor inside that sold Gluten Free Bread, although they were all sold out by the time I got there. 

Outside, one of the highlights were the various performers, including, clowns, jugglers and musicians.

If Farmer's Markets aren't your thing, right across the street is the outlet mall, with many brand name stores.  We didn't check it out, but I heard the deals were pretty good.  St. Jacob's is also well known for antiques.  Checking out the antique shops is something I would love to do sometime, but not really all that practical with a three year old in tow! 

What my three year old WAS interested in was the train!  Waterloo Central Railway is a heritage railway that offers train service between Waterloo, the St. Jacob's Market, and St. Jacob's.  The train is old and it runs pretty slowly, but it's perfect for kids.  My son was literally bouncing in his seat when we started to move, and was thrilled every time the horn blew.  for the rest of the weekend he kept saying "My favourite part was riding the train."

We capped off the day with dinner at a local restaurant, the Cedar Barn.  It's a cute little place, with a simple menu and great service.  I wish he had found it Friday.

For the outrageous sum of $2.80 we got my son the kids' all day breakfast menu, which included a drink, one egg and bacon, a slice of toast and either ice cream or jello for dessert.  we explained his dietary concerns and didn't get the toast.  They were out of jello, so the waitress substituted apple sauce instead.  We realized later that she had also taken 80 cents off the bill because we didn't take the toast. 

I opted for the not so gluten free fish and chips, and my husband had the schnitzel, with a bowl of soup to start.  We shared a sclice of homemade coconut cream pie.  And we paid $20 less for the meal than we did at Kelsey's.  Lesson learned. 

Our weekend was lots of fun, although the little guy was sick for some of it.  I feel like there's still so much I would like to check out, that I would definitely go back again. 

And we still made it to my mom's for Easter Dinner.  Some piccs of the Easter Egg hunt will go up tomorrow.  

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