Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Need to Make Some Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Anyone have a recipe?  Hot cross buns are something I always ate around Easter as a kid, but now that my son is gluten free, the real things are off limits in this house.  I've looked for a gluten free product, and came across El Peto brand frozen buns. 

They were underwhelming.  The flavour wasn't too far from what I remember, but the large chunks of dried fruit overwhelmed the other flavours.  And they were tiny.  I realized just how small they are when someone brought some hot cross buns in to work today for staff and they looked mammoth to me in comparison. 

So I'm left unsatisfied with the gluten free ones I have in my freezer, and craving some REAL ones that I can introduce my son to.  Without trying to recreate an extremely complicated recipe.  Do I ask for too much? 

Does anyone have a reliable, delicious, gluten free Hot Cross Bun recipe I can try?  Anyone????

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