Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Easter Tradition

Every year when I was a kid, I used to dye Easter eggs with my mom and sister.  Sometimes we would paint them or draw on them with crayons, the wax coming through the paint to reveal our designs.  It was nothing fancy, some food colouring in water and vinegar, some crayons, a little inexpensive paint.  But to a kid, it meant at least an hour of excitement and fun.  I was never the best artist in the world, but I could place an egg in a bowlful of coloured water and create something beautiful with barely any skill needed.

Last year I started the tradition with my son.  Instead of dying his eggs, he painted them using an egg holder from the dollar store.  This year we went the more traditional route and coloured a dozen eggs a variety of hues.  Rather than drain the eggs, I hard boiled them so they would be more sturdy for his little hands to work with.  My son had fun watching the food colouring tablets dissolve in the vinegar and was great at spooning the water and vinegar mixture over the eggs until he was satisfied with the colour. 

Perhaps as he gets older we'll try something more complicated, like tie-dying the eggs, or painting them using stencils.  For now, I'm satisfied with the little bit of Spring cheer brightening up my kitchen table thanks to some simple, child-friendly, coloured eggs. 

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