Friday, February 10, 2012

Impressed with York Central Hospital

I had an appointment for an ultrasound and a blood test at York Central Hospital in Richmond Hill.  My usual hospital experiences, even with an appointment, generally involve cramped waiting rooms and excruciatingly long waiting rooms.  In fact, although my appointment was for before 8:30 am, I had booked off the whole morning from work because I figured it would take forever to get done.

Not today.  My appointment was for 8:20 am, and I was in and out before 9.  This included registering, an ultrasound, a brief meeting to make later appointments, and some blood tests.  Less than 40 minutes all told.  I was back at work before 9:45.  

I have no idea if this is the way things generally are at that hospital, but I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.  Since I was done so early, I took a quick look at the cafeteria.  It was early in the morning, so not all the food was out yet, but the fridge had a nice selection of fruits, yogurt, and salads that are good options for those avoiding gluten.  When I go back for a later appointment I'll do a better scouting job of the gluten free hot options available.

Here's to hoping that today's great experience was the rule, rather than the exception!

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