Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gluten Free at Augusto 33 Bakery

Last year we bought my son's birthday cake from a bakery in Maple Ontario called Terra Mia Bakery.   Click Here to see pictures of the cake and read about our great experience.  It was so delicious that my sister even bought her daughter's birthday cake there (and she's not gluten free).  So this year, we went back to place another order. 

Since last year, the bakery has changed names, but not owners.  It's now called Augusto 33 Bakery.  We went in today to place our order for next week, and were met by the same friendly people that were there last year.  I instantly felt guilty for not shopping there more often.  They have a variety of cookies, brownies and muffins that are gluten free, including carrot muffins and carrot cake.  Gluten free pizza dough is available for purchase.

What got use to sit down today though was the poster advertising gluten free waffles.  We ordered one for my son and sat down to wait.  When it came out, I couldn't believe how delicious it looked!  A huge plate of fluffy, warm waffle, covered in lactose free whipped cream and dairy free chocolate sauce with sliced strawberries and topped with a maraschino cherry.  To die for.  My son was so excited he dug right in with his fingers before I could remind him to use his fork.

Gluten Free Waffle (with Dairy Free Chocolate sauce and Lactose Free Whipped Cream)

Believe it or not, my son ate THE WHOLE THING!!!

The rest of their food is just as good.  My husband had a meal of porchetta (an oven roasted pork) with greens and a side of pasta.  I had some pizza.  Add two bottles of water, a coffee and a tea and the bill came to less than $30.

My husband's meal (not gluten free)
We left the cake order with the instructions to create a car/truck theme, and left behind some of my son's cars and mini tractors to use as decoration.  I can't wait to see what the baker will create.  I hope it's as great as last year.

Augusta 33 Bakery
9300 Keele Street
Maple, On L6A 1P4
(905) 832-2833

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