Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Party for a Gluten Free Three Year Old!

I was so tired last night after Etienne's birthday celebrations that I didn't write a blog post, so today there will be two posts- this one and the weekly menu plan. 

We decided not to invite a bunch of kids this year because my son wasn't asking for a party, and was only excited about the prospect of cake when discussing any form of party.  Instead, we opted to take him and his cousin to an indoor play place near our house for an hour or two of running around.

On the swing together

Later, we came back home for dinner. Roast chicken, quinoa salad, wild rice salad with apples and cranberries, bean salad, edamame and tomato salad, potato wedges, and Greek salad fill everyone up before the guests arrive for coffee and cake. 

We ordered his birthday cake (gluten and dairy free) from Augusto 33 Bakery, the same place we ordered from last year.  I picked up the cake earlier in the day, and it was beautiful!

The inside was chocolate, with a soft, vanilla icing, decorated with some trucks and cars we provided the baker.  As you can see, it was yummy!

Normally, we open gifts before cake, but he was so excited for the cake that we reversed the order.  He received some really cute toys- a mini golf game, some cars, a doctor's kit and a few sticker books.  His favourite thing to do though was pop the balloons.  Go figure!

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