Monday, January 23, 2012

Product Review: Sweets From the Earth Chocolate Cake

While at Metro this weekend, I saw a new Gluten Free chocolate cake product from a local Ontario company called Sweets From the Earth.  The box was fairly small for a cake, but the size of many gluten free baked goods are smaller than regular ones, so that didn't put me off.  I thought that $14.99 was a bit expensive, but since many cakes are ten dollars and up, I picked up a box.  It's tough to find gluten free baked desserts that are also dairy free for my son, so when I find one, I give it a try.

I have mixed feelings about this product.  I'll begin with the positive.

The Good: This product tastes really good.  It has a dense texture, which is more like a brownie than a cake.  There's a generous layer of chocolate frosting on the top, with a flavour that reminds me of the homemade frosting my mom would make when I was a kid.  Thick, sweet and chocolately with a homemade feel is the way I would describe this product.

The cake, still in the box

The Not So Good: There were some things that I didn't love about this product.  The cake is baked directly into the box, so it would make it difficult to present the cake in an attractive way without trying the lift if from the bottom in one piece or cutting the edges off the box.  Also, as I mentioned above, it doesn't actually remind me of cake in the traditional sense of the word.  To me, this product is a classic brownie, and I actually wish it was marketed that way, because then I wouldn't have been expecting something different.

The Verdict: While I really like the taste of this product, I think that the $14.99 price tag for what is essentially a package of brownies is too high.  I don't mind spending extra money for a specialty product that is too difficult or time consuming for me to make myself, but I can buy 2-3 gluten free brownie mixes for the price of one of these chocolate cakes.  For that reason, this won't be one of my go-to products.

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