Saturday, January 21, 2012

Metro Supermarket Surprises Once Again

One of my first product reviews was for Metro Irresistibles Gluten Free Cake Mix.  Metro is one of the few supermarkets in Canada with their own line of gluten free foods, and all at reasonable prices. 

This weekend I received their flyer, and was surprised to see how many gluten free items were highlighted, and from a variety of different companies.  Although I don't generally do all my grocery shopping there, I decided to swing by and check out some new products. 

What I found was a section in the Bakery Department with gluten free cakes, muffins, and other treats.  I decided to pick up a locally baked gluten free chocolate cake to try, and an Udi's frozen baguette.  Can't wait to try both and let you know what I think!  The selection of frozen products was larger than I'm used to: cupcakes, raisin bread, cinnamon buns, baguettes, and cheesecake were just a few products that aren't carried where I usually shop. 

Looks like I may be changing supermarkets.

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