Friday, January 13, 2012

Gluten Free Rice Krispies in Canada?

I've been hearing reports from a few different sources that Gluten Free Rice Krispies are now available in Canada.  If this news is true, YAY!  I haven't been able to confirm this with the company, nor have I found any boxes on my local grocery shelves yet (although my husband is currently on a fact-finding mission as we speak), but I did have the opportunity to pick up a box while in the United States this past summer. 

The gluten free version is made from brown rice, and doesn't have the barley malt that regular Rice Krispies have.  Aside from a slight colour difference, the taste was comparable, with the same familiar snap, crackle and pop I was used to. 
Just like the original!

So, if the news about the product coming to Canada is true, I will be one happy gluten free momma!


  1. It appears to be true!!

  2. They even have recipes! Yum yumm rice krispies squares..