Monday, January 30, 2012

Galbusera ZeroGrano Line Gluten Free

Occasionally, I have come across an Italian brand of products at my local grocery store called Galbusera.  As a kid, we would sometimes eat their crackers or melba toast-like bread products at my grandma's house. 

A few months ago, I stumbled across the brand in my local Longo's, with a large red Gluten Free sticker across the front of one of the packages.  The product was a large cracker, made with rice flower and with a hint of rosemary.  My son really liked them, and they were sophisticated enough to serve to adults as well. 

Since there were no other products with the big red sticker on them, I figured that was the only cracker they made without gluten. 

Turns out I was wrong.

My husband took my son to visit some friends this weekend in Aylmer, Quebec, not far from Ottawa.  (While I was working on my thesis presentation.  I will be happy when this is over!)  While there, he picked up some simple cookies for my son from the same company.  The cookies are the crumbly, sandy-textured cookies that are great for dunking in milk or coffee.  They come wrapped in single serving packages of a few cookies each, making it great for packing in lunches, while ensuring that the others in the pack stay fresh for longer. 

So, I did a bit of research and discovered that this company has a line of 5 different gluten free products.  The product line is called ZEROGRANO. It includes the crackers, the cookies, a chocolate chip type cookie, a chocolate cookie with a vanilla cream centre, and a wafer style cookie. 

The website is only in Italian, and the packaging of the product is in Italian as well, with stickers in English and French placed on them for sale in Canada.  I've only found them at Longo's, but my husband found the cookies at a mainstream supermarket in Quebec. 

If you can find them, I highly recommend them.  The crackers and the cookies taste really, really good and the product is good quality.  They stay fresh for a long time, and the packaging is convenient for travel or snacks on the run.  A great product to add to the list of gluten free options!

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