Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wanna Dance?

My son was sick today, nauseous and feverish and just generally under the weather, so I stayed home from work and we cuddled on the couch.  All he wanted were popsicles, Caillou, and Mommy.  Fine by me! 

He was asking me if he could paint on my phone, and it reminded me of this past weekend's dinner at my mom's house.  My Uncle brought his iPad and my son and his cousin played piano, caught fish, and yes, painted.  Look like I'm going to have to download some new apps!

It also made me think of some of the good-old fashioned fun they had, like dancing to Christmas music!

Etienne and his cousin Mya, dancing up a storm

Such a storm, that they needed some rest once they were done!

A nice close-up of the reindeer sweater

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