Thursday, December 8, 2011

Potluck Preparations

Tonight I've been getting my house ready for tomorrow night's potluck holiday party.  I've invited the teachers from the two departments that share a workroom at school for a shared holiday party.  We've been doing this for 6 years, since the school opened, but this is the first time the party is at my place. 

The house is clean, the cupcakes are cooling and almost ready for icing, the buffet table is set and the extra chairs have been pulled out in anticipation of the 16 or so people set to arrive tomorrow night.  I bought holiday themed paper plates, cutlery, napkins and cups, as well as festive tablecloths to keep with the theme and cut down on the clean-up.  Tomorrow I'll get the final prep work done before my colleagues arrive after work. 

I know many of you are either throwing parties or attending events where going gluten free can be a challenge.  When I provide all the food at my house, it's always all gluten free.  Since this is a potluck, that rule doesn't apply.  There will be gluten free options for my son.  Since the party is at our house, it's easier to keep the gluten-filled items away from the gluten-free ones.  It's more complicated when events are out of house. 

Tomorrow night I'll post some food and decor photos from the party, and over the next few days I'll show how the items brought to the potluck could be tweaked to be gluten free.  I'm looking forward to posting about how to handle throwing a gluten free party that doesn't exclude anyone, and how to navigate a party filled with forbidden foods. 

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