Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a week until Christmas!

It hit me tonight that this is the last weekend before Christmas!  Our schedule is hectic right up until Christmas Eve.
Tomorrow we have a Christmas Party, Sunday is a gathering with my father's side of the family.  I spent tonight baking sugar cookies to bring along, and tomorrow I'm going to try to make some glaze for the cookies from scratch.  I'll snap some photos if they're picture-worthy.

Monday I have dinner plans with a friend, Tuesday night is Etienne's Christmas concert at daycare. 

Christmas day is at our house this year, so I'll be getting a menu plan ready this week.  It will all be gluten free, and hopefully, delicious! 

There are still some Christmas cards to write, cupcakes to bake, cookies to decorate, and presents to wrap, but for some reason this year, I don't feel stressed.  I'm loving that my son is old enough to be excited about Christmas, helping to decorate the tree and singing Christmas carols. 

With only another week left, I'm going to try and enjoy every moment. 

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