Friday, December 9, 2011

Gluten Free Potluck Makeover

Tonight's potluck was a success, although there was so much food we have tons of leftovers.  What did we have?

Ceasar and Garden Salad
Pasta Salad
Pumpernickel Bread and Spinach Dip
Cheese Tray
Veggie Platter
Fruit Platter
Homemade Pizza
Vegetarian Lasagna
Chicken in a Phyllo Pastry
Wrap Sandwiches
Chocolate Caramel Cake
Butter Tarts
Gluten Free Cupcakes
Fruit Platter

Was it all gluten free?  No. 

But it easily could have been.  

The salads: Caesar could be made with gluten free croutons, and the pasta salad could be made with rice or corn pasta.

Appetizers: Fruit and Vegetable platters are naturally gluten free, as is the cheese tray.  The crackers could be substituted with GF ones.

Main Dishes: The pizza is a bit more complicated, since GF pizza is a bit of an acquired taste, but it's certainly an option.  Many pizzerias offer gluten free crusts these days, so ordering in could be an option if baking from scratch isn't your thing.  The lasagna could easily be GF with the substitution of some rice noddles.  I make a great meat lasagna with them.  The wraps could also be used with gluten free flour tortillas.  The phyllo pastry is tricky to make from scratch gluten free, but a chicken pot-pie with a gluten free pie crust would make a great substitute.

Dessert: Several bakeries sell gluten free cakes, and there are many great mixes on the market as well.  The cupcakes I made last night, but the chocolate and cheesecakes could also be gluten free.  

 It takes a little creative thought sometimes, but I truly believe that almost any food can be tweaked to be gluten free and still delicious.  I hope this gives you some ideas of how to take some typical party foods and turn them into gluten free options for you or your guests. 

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