Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gluten and Nut Free Popsicles

The thought that a popsicle could contain gluten honestly never crossed my mind.  I generally buy pure fruit juice freezies in the summer or make my own popsicles, so I've never checked. 

Options are more limited in the middle of December, though, so when my son got sick and I couldn't find the freezies he likes, I started looking for a suitable popsicle replacement.  I couldn't believe how many brands contained gluten, or had the always ambiguous "may contain traces of wheat".  I don't do ambiguous when it comes to my son's health. 

Then I came across Chapman's Lolly's, water ice treats (or popsicles, as I like to call them), with the gluten and nut free statement right on the box.  I almost did a happy dance in the grocery store aisle! 

When I got home, I checked out their website.  Chapman's is a well known Canadian company, famous for their delicious ice cream.  Their site is easy to navigate, with a simple to find "Nutrition and Allergy Info" button that lists everything from gluten and dairy free options, to nut free, no sugar added, low fat and naturally flavoured products. 

What I found amazing was the statement declaring that all their original ice cream flavours in the 2L and 4L formats are gluten free. Finding gluten free ice cream is not an easy feat, so this is welcome news!  There are more than 20 flavours of ice cream available gluten free!

Chapman's is well-respected in Canada for producing great tasting, affordable products. I grew up eating their products on hot, summer days, and now my son will be able to as well!

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