Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vaughan Santa Claus Parade

Sunday was our local Santa Claus parade.  We missed it the first year we moved in, but went last year because my in-laws were here from El Salvador, and they'd never been to a Santa Claus parade before.  It was so much fun, we've decided to make it an annual event. 

It's just a short walk from our house to the parade route, so we bundled up my son and my niece and headed out.  Thankfully, it was warmer this year than last, but the clouds moved in and the wind picked up near the end.  I like supporting local events, and this parade reminds me of the small parade I used to watch as a kid growing up in Bolton, Ontario.  I have great family memories from those parades, and I want my son to have good memories too. 

It lasted a good hour and a half, and by the end my son had consumed enough candy canes to decorate an entire Christmas tree.  Thank goodness they're gluten free!

It wasn't raining, but his rain boots are the only footwear he'll wear these days

My son and his cousin waved at the parade participants the whole time, except when they were too busy stuffing their faces with candy.  Some of the floats were really quite good!

This was my son's favourite!

It was fun to watch the parade through my son's eyes.  He loved every minute of it, especially the time spent on grandpa's shoulders!

After the chilly walk back home, we warmed up with some hot chocolate and gluten free shortbread cookies.  I'm just tweaking the homemade recipe, and I hope to post it this week.  The taste test results will be posted this week as well.  Now I've really caught the Christmas spirit!

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  1. I love parades. The only kind of parades I've experienced here in the Philippines so far aren't bright and cheery, more religious and solemn with statues of saints displayed instead of St. Nicholas and the only red I see is from the blood of people who display public flagellation =(

    Cool Bean Momma