Monday, November 21, 2011

Putting Up the Christmas Tree!

It's a tradition in my house to put up my Christmas tree the day of the Toronto Santa Claus Parade.  It may be a little early for those of you in the United States, who still have Thanksgiving to celebrate, but for me in Canada, Thanksgiving was a month ago and there's only one month to go before Christmas!

I like having the date put aside each year because I make a point to not make any other plans that day, and instead we spend it at home, listening to holiday songs while we decorate the house and put up the tree, until finally relaxing on the couch while we watch the parade on t.v.

This year my son was old enough to be interested in the process, although I don't know how much actual "help" he provided!  We didn't get all the decorations done, but the stockings are hung, the lights are strung outside, and the tree is trimmed.  There are a few more candy canes that I think need to go on it, but it looks finished enough.  Just a few more indoor decorations, and I'll be ready to finish my shopping and start wrapping gifts!

December is coming soon, and we're already almost all booked up for the month!  As for the blog, I'm looking forward to posting my party planning tips, more holiday recipes and gift ideas for the newly gluten free!  Oh yeah, and my one year blog anniversary is coming up soon!

Here are a few photos of our tree!

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