Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Countdown To Christmas Is On!

Some people get annoyed when they hear Christmas ads at the beginning of November, but not me!  I'm not a crazy, Christmas in July kinda gal, but I find that if I wait too long to start preparing for Christmas, the season practically passes me by.  This year, I work right up until December 23rd, so I know I'll be busy right up to the last minute.  Since Etienne is now old enough to begin to understand it, I want to make sure that we enjoy every minute. 
Last year.  Still figuring out gluten free living

It's only November and already our calendar is filling up: Two Santa Claus parades this month, a kids Christmas party and my department party.  Not to mention my mom's birthday.  And Christmas shopping.  And decorations.  Oh, and how about the REAL reason for the holiday.  Right.  Gotta get on that.

I have some big plans for this holiday season.  Most of it revolves around spending time with family and friends.  That also means providing YOU with some ideas for not just surviving the holidays gluten free, but for enjoying them with delicious, gluten free food that everyone will love.  Last year, it was the baking that tripped me up the most.  Our house had only been gluten free for a short period of time, so my options were limited.  This year I'm looking forward to trying new recipes and sharing them on the blog.

Last year's gluten free baking: Sugar Cookies.      
First up, shortbread cookies.  My mom makes them every year, so I need to find a gluten free version that passes the taste test.  I'll keep you posted! 

The holidays are fleeting.  Enjoy every moment!

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