Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011 Monthly Goals Review

I'm a little late on my goals review post, but with Halloween I was a bit busy.  October saw Thanksgiving as well, so overall, it was a month filled with family gatherings.  Etienne saw a lot of his cousin this month! 

I feel more settled at work now that I've been back for two months.  Things are coming back to me now, so I don't have to ask my colleagues so many questions about how to do basic things.  I've got some plans to work on my thesis this coming weekend (fingers crossed), so I hope to get that rolling again soon. 

We've been slowly working on getting things done in the house that have waited a long time.  Our family room is now livable, so we're moving on to the playroom in the basement.  We'd like to have a nice area down there for both adults and kids to spend time, so the next few months will be spent getting that area figured out. 

On the blog front, I've been able to keep up my daily posting, but that's about it.  There are some changes to the blog that I'd like to make, updates and networking that needs to be done, but for now, just keeping up the daily posting will have to be enough.  I really look forward to my daily posting time.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to dedicate more time to making the improvements I'd like to make. 

I feel as though this month was just finding my rhythm again at work, at home, and in general.  The whirlwind first month was over, and now the regular schedule has settled in and I've been adjusting. 

How have your goals for the year held up over the months?

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