Thursday, October 13, 2011

Product Review: Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas

This week I tried out gluten free tortillas that resemble a traditional flour tortilla to make vegetable and bean burritos.  I found them in the gluten free frozen section at my local grocery store and decided to give them a try. 

They come in packs of 6, and the instructions say to keep frozen or refrigerated until use.  I kept them frozen until the night before use, and then defrosted them in the fridge.  When I was ready to use them, I opened the resealable package and pulled a few out. 
The tortillas are separated by wax paper, keeping them from sticking together.  I was impressed by the size and look of the tortillas.  They look very much like a traditional flour tortilla, with just a slightly tougher consistency.  I followed the package directions and heated the tortilla before filling it with beans, peppers, onions, dairy free cheese, salsa and cilantro.
I piled on the ingredients to see how the tortillas would hold up under pressure (and because I like my burritos that way).  The true test came when I rolled up the burrito.  The tortillas had a flakier texture than a regular tortilla, so they were a bit tougher to wrap, but they performed well.  I would suggest perhaps heating them a bit more (I put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds), or using toothpicks to keep them together.  Here's what my burrito looked like on the first try:
You can see in the photo that the tortilla cracked at one end, but after I made a few more I was able to better manage it.  The photo below shows how it held up after being cut in half.  I didn't rearrange anything for the photo, because I wanted to show how it worked the first time.  As I mentioned before, with a toothpick to hold it together, a nice, tight burrito would be easy to achieve.

What's that?  How did they taste???? 

Pretty darn good! 

I was ready for some dry, mealy tortilla, but instead I found that they had a mildly nutty, buttery flavour with a bit of an al dente texture.  I actually found myself nibbling on a plain tortilla because I liked the flavour so much.  The only drawback is that they don't absorb liquid the same way a flour tortilla does, so the juices flowed right out.  I remedied this by wrapping a napkin around the bottom end while I was eating.  No problem! 

The Verdict:  I really like this product.  It's the closest to a regular flour tortilla I've had since my son went gluten free almost a year ago.  The texture and flavour is a bit different, but still good, and they held up well to my overflowing burrito.  These will become a staple in my house. 

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