Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Garden's Last Gasp

I know it's the end of October, but I've been very lucky this year to have a garden that's still producing tomatoes and other good stuff this late in the year.  I've been wanting to plant my garlic and onions for next year, but I can't bear to pull out plants that are still giving fruit!  This past weekend, I picked more tomatoes, a few hot peppers, and leeks.  I still have to cut my swiss chard (it keeps raining on my plans!)

My leeks

The cherry tomato plant that keeps on giving!

In addition to our weekly food delivery, we've been able to eat mostly local produce all summer and fall.  Some foods just can't be grown locally, but I've enjoyed the convenience and freshness of eating food minutes after I've picked it from the plant.  I'm going to miss that over the winter.  Maybe next year I'll plant a little plot just for my son, with strawberries or other yummy fruits or vegetables that he'll get to call his own!

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  1. Wow, your leeks did soo well! Too bad the season is at the end, food won't taste as good for another 7 mths! Our turned out really small, but there's always next year! We rent a plot from the municipality and share it with my parents for even more room to plant our vegetables, and try out growing veggies that we wouldn't plant at home because of space!