Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Harvest Food Share is Coming To An End...

Next week is the last week we'll be getting our weekly Harvest Share delivery from Carron Farms, full of fresh, seasonal produce from local farms in Ontario.  This is the second year we've signed up for the delivery, and we haven't been disappointed.  Each week sine June we've received a food box with a variety of fruits and vegetables that are in season.  While this means that we don't always get the same things every week, I've really enjoyed trying new vegetables and introducing a variety of new flavours to my son.

We don't always love all the vegetables (my husband could do without cauliflower, and neither of us has been able to find a recipe for celeriac that we like), but we've been introduced to some great new flavours that we wouldn't have tried without this program.  Parsnips, beets, and even rutabaga come to mind. 

This week's delivery was sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work, and it looked so much like a still-life painting waiting to happen that I thought I'd snap a photo of it once I took it inside.

Lettuce, fresh garlic, cauliflower, mushrooms, beets, pepper squash, apple cider, spinach, purple potatoes, and apples are all part of this week's delivery.  
As soon as I saw what was inside, I started thinking about what I could make with all this yummy food!

Roasted cauliflower soup?  Borscht?  Mushroom Antipasto?  Mashed purple potatoes?  Baked, stuffed pepper squash?  Gluten Free Apple Pie?  So many options....

The best part is knowing that the food is not only fresh and local, but supports Ontario farmers.  It also minimizes the impact on the environment by only needing to be transported a short distance, and not being individually wrapped, or bagged, or otherwise packaged unnecessarily.  All good things.

So while next week may be the last delivery for this year, I'm already looking forward to seeing what next year's Harvest will bring!

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