Saturday, September 10, 2011

Goodbye Summer...

This weekend is shaping up to be beautiful, with warm temperatures and clear, sunny skies.  Having a date night scheduled with my husband is like the icing on the (gluten free) cake!  How have we spent our day? 

 Preparing for fall. 

We finished painting the garage door, bought some fall mums to replace the dying fall blooms and prepared the flower garden in the front for a fresh covering of mulch.

We also went shopping.  I got a great pair of cords that will be perfect when the temperature dips later this week (the forecast calls for lower than normal temperatures by Thursday.  Ugh.)  I also bought a gorgeous grey Kenneth Cole jacket at Winners.  Maybe I won't mind the cooler temperatures so much after all...

Anyway, as I enjoy a great weekend of warm weather, I can't resist posting a few late summer photos as I look forward to all that fall has to offer.  The return of football.  Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  Pumpkins.  Brightly coloured leaves.  Warm sweaters and soft fabrics. 

So as I anticipate the arrival of fall, here are a few of my memories of the summer of 2011.

Taking a break from the challenge of finishing that popsicle

Who needs a chair when there's a beach?

The many, many boxes of tomatoes we canned for sauce

Just chillin' at the cottage with his cousin.  The drink holders in their chairs kill me.

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