Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gluten Free Weekly Menu Plan

Well, it's back to school (work) for me, a new job for my husband and a brand new daycare (in a brand new language) for my son.  I think this is going to be a crazy week with new schedules and many adjustments.  At least I know what we're having for dinner!

Monday: Macaroni Pasta with Black Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Marinated Artichoke Hearts and Crumbled Goat Cheese 

Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Salad and a Side of Green Beans from the Garden  (Chicken's cooked, but the salad will be put together the day of)

Wednesday: Cock-a-Leekie Soup (Chicken & Leek) with a Salad of Boston Lettuce and Sliced Apples

Thursday: Lemon Fettucine and a Tomato & Basil Salad  


Friday: Tuna Burgers on Gluten Free Hamburger Buns with Sweet Potato Fries  (I'll get the buns out when we're ready to eat.  I've never tried gluten free hamburger buns, so I'll let you know how they taste!)

1 comment :

  1. I think the hamburger bun's we had were Udi's. They were pretty decent.