Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daycare Update: Week Three

Well, unless anything substantial changes, this is the last daycare update I'll write for a while.  The truth is, my son has adjusted much better than expected to the new location.  He's even saying a few words in French at home.  Last night when we were talking about his day at the new centre, he said "I'm happy now Mommy", which both broke my heart and made me so thankful that we had gone through with the move despite all of our concerns about disrupting his routine.

When I pick him up from daycare now, he runs over to say hi, and then tries to just go back to what he was doing.  He also informs me frequently that  he's making "new friends", and then asks about them on weekends. 

As for the food, so far so good.  I've been asking about his meals- he's been eating hamburgers on gluten free buns, fish, gluten free pasta, chicken, corn, watermelon, peaches, and much, much more.  We still provide his snacks, but it's nice to know that his meals look like what the other children are eating every day. 

Crossing my fingers that the trend continues!

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