Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Reality!

Sometimes, even after a long absence, you return to a place to find that it's almost as though you'd never left.  Today was one of those days.  A lot has changed at my place of work in the few years that I've been on leave, but many of the core people are still there, and I found it oddly simple to slip back into the swing of things. 

But my feet hurt.  And I have a feeling I'll be tired tomorrow morning.

And as I watched the kids pick up their burgers at the back to school BBQ, I got to thinking about how difficult it would be for those who are gluten free to always be left out of participating in those types of events.


Thankfully for my son, today's gluten free meal at the daycare went over well.  The daycare provider was surprised at his appetite.  I was pleased to hear that he enjoyed the gluten free meal that was provided. 

Let's hope tomorrow's meal goes over just as well.

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