Monday, August 1, 2011

Travelling with a Toddler: Packing for a Road Trip

Packing for this particular road trip has been difficult, because we are hitting several destinations in relatively short period of time.  We've decided to stop en route to Washington and spend a day in Pittsburgh to shorten the amount of time he needs to spend sitting in the car at a stretch.  I'm currently checking out where to stop for some gluten free food along the route, although we'll certainly be packing some snacks for the road.

Essentially we're packing for three vacations in one:

1- Regular Vacation Clothes- good walking shoes, comfortable clothing, an umbrella stroller for my son. 

2- Fancy Wedding Attire- my husband packed a suit and I packed a dress and heels for the wedding.  Much of my husband's family lives outside of Canada and the United States and will be attending the wedding, so we also packed some dressier outfits in case there are some family dinners or other outings where we'll need to look nice.

3- Beach Gear- Since we'll be spending a few days at the beach, we've also packed shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, hats, beach towels and beach toys. 

We have two carry-on size suitcases (one for my son's things and the towels, and one for my husband and myself), a hanging suitcase with the wedding clothes and the little Thomas the Train child-size suitcase with my son's toys and activities. 

We threw in a favourite stuffed animal for sleeping, a few books for before bedtime, his pretend laptop, a few trucks, binoculars and some colouring/sticker books.  Actually, I packed many of the same activities as when we were preparing for the plane ride to El Salvador.

We'll est breakfast before we go, and I'll bring along some fruit (blueberries and apples), some gluten free cereal bars, water and sugar-free juice boxes, as well as some gluten free crackers in case he gets hungry along the way. 

We're going to put him in diapers for the trip, so I have extra diapers and wipes, as well as some moist towelettes for general clean up and a garbage bag to keep it all in one place.

Some good music, a few magazines and some US coins for the tolls, and I think we're almost ready to go! 

Now I need to find some restaurants or chains where we can get some gluten free food on the road.  Any suggestions?


  1. This sounds fun. I remember my husband and I along with the 3 kiddos took tons of road trips when we lived in the US. and now we're continuing that in the Philippines. Sounds like a fun trip!

  2. I wish I had suggestions of where to eat but I'm still trying to figure that one out myself.

    Have a great time!