Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing Goat's Cheese to a Dairy Free Child

If you've read my blog in the past, you'll know that my son is both gluten free and dairy free.  What's never been clear is if the dairy intolerance is something entirely separate from the gluten issue, or whether he was having difficulty digesting dairy because of intestinal damage caused by the gluten.  What was clear, however, was that he reacted badly to dairy products.  So on the advice of our doctor, we cut out dairy entirely.

He's been tested for a milk allergy and the test came back negative, but just like any allergy testing, since he was so young (less than 2 years old), the testing is not necessarily accurate.  So, both our family doctor and our gastroenterologist suggested that we should try and introduce dairy products back into his diet, one product at a time, beginning with goat's milk products.  Apparently hard cheeses are easier to digest than soft ones, and goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk.  Sometimes those who are lactose intolerant are able to tolerate goat's milk cheeses quite well.  The suggestion was to incorporate a bit of goat's cheese into a recipe, and see what happens.  We are also to get him allergy tested for dairy once a year, unless he ceases to react negatively to dairy products at some point.

So....tonight we gave him a slice of firm mozzarella made from goat' milk.  I had originally put some in Monday night's pasta dish, but but he decided he wasn't in the mood for pasta. 

Go figure. 

Instead, tonight I offered him a small slice of cheese as a snack.  Fingers crossed.

It would be fantastic if he could eat goat's milk products.  We're managing fine without dairy, particularly since there are many dairy substitutes on the market, but it would be nice to have one more option in his diet.  Particularly when eating out. 

But if not, well, then that's OK too.  We'll give it a try in another 6 months.


  1. Hi, I just became aware of your blog. Did it work for him? It would be so much easier on him in the future, I am sure, if it works.

  2. My son tested positive for an allergy on dairy~ it actually attacks his immune system~ that's when I learned the difference between intolerance and an allergy.

    1. We think that may be the issue. Goat's mile is fine for him, but every time we put hi back on dairy he gets a rash, more of an allergic reaction than anything else. We've decided to keep him free of all cow's milk products. The goat's milk products don't affect him, but we try to mostly give him rice or soy milk.