Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Things on a Friday: Canning Tomatoes Edition

Today we canned tomatoes.  All day.  There will be more tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll do enough for two years, so that we won't have to do it next year.  I'm sore and tired, so before I relax with a nice glass of wine, here are my thoughts on the day.

1- The acid in tomatoes is great for exfoliating the skin.  My hands are smooth as a baby's bottom.

2- A little salt, a little basil, and a lot of tomatoes.  Simple recipe, simple process, a lot of elbow grease.

3- By about the 900th tomato, one begins to wonder if having homemade tomato sauce is really worth all the fuss.

4- The first time you open a jar and the smell of homemade sauce hits you in the face, you realize that of course it was worth it.

5- Maintaining a family tradition that reminds me of my childhood is worth the sore back and hands. 

Before more tomato canning tomorrow we have a birthday party to attend.  Picked up the yellow food cake mix to make cupcakes so that my son can participate in the birthday cake too.  What's that?  What about the cake I made two days ago?  I have no idea where it all went...

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