Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Gluten Free Menu Plan

Sorry about the late post, but we had guests this weekend so the cooking started later than usual.  This week I didn't have a chance to do a proper grocery shop, so the menu plan was designed to use up all those bits and pieces left in the cupboards and fridge.  The exception of course comes with the vegetables from our local harvest food box delivery.  The ragout recipe features Ontario mushrooms, yellow zucchini and white eggplant, and the salad ingredients are all local as well. 


Monday: Taco Spice Beef over Corn Tostadas and Fried Plantains

Tuesday: Gluten Free Pizza and a Garden Salad (I'll prepare this
on Tuesday.  I don't like GF pizza when it's been made too far in advance)  

Wednesday: Chicken & Rice Soup with Mushrooms and Leftover Garden Salad


Thursday: Mushroom Ragout over Steamed Rice


Friday: Chicken Fingers and Sweet Potato Fries


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    Kim Daniels
    Weekly Meal Plans

  2. What a great meal plan! We have wheat issues in our home so I look forward to seeing some meal ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    BTW, following you on GFC.