Monday, July 11, 2011

A little bit of blog love...

We're heading off to a cottage at the end of the week, and I've been slowly piling up the various items needed for the trip.  Shorts, t-shirts, towels, bathing suits, sunscreen.... I always get a little crazy when it comes to products that I put on my son's skin mainly because he reacts to things so easily, but also because frequently there are specific ingredients that give him a rash when he touches them.  Who knew there were wheat/gluten/dairy derived ingredients in body products?

Plenty of people, actually.  Thanks in part to a friend of mine who just started her own blog.  She blogs about natural skin care and cosmetics, and recently did a post on sunscreen.  My, ahem, brand that I just purchased for $14 was not on the list.  It contains some of the nasty ingredients she writes about though, and so now I feel guilty putting it on my son's sensitive skin.  Looks like I'll be purchasing some new sunscreen.

Interested in learning more about natural beauty care and how to avoid some of the nastier chemicals in everyday products?  Check out her blog at FemmeSage

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on putting 'no gluten' or 'gluten free' on a label for cosmetics. I manufacture a sunscreen that I have done my utmost to make sure is free of any toxic substance, even if only potentially so. We have included all sorts of great ingredients, like super charged antioxidants and exclude all the known nasties. We disclose everything on our product and go to the extra extreme of providing in depth information on our website as well as in a leaflet inside the box when purchased. We have said what we didn't include like chemical sunscreens, parabens, petrochemicals, etc. BUT we haven't said no gluten because quite frankly I cannot understand why there would be gluten in a cosmetic product! So thanks again for sharing your need for this information as well as the FemmeSage blog.