Saturday, July 23, 2011

Home Again and a Garden Full of Goodies

We arrived home from the cottage this afternoon to a hot, hot house and with a cranky, cranky little boy.  We had breakfast this morning at a small restaurant so we wouldn't be stuck cleaning right before leaving, and a helpful patron took a lovely (and the only) family photo of all of us.

Quite the handsome group, if I do say so myself!

After arriving home and getting everything in order, I sneaked out to the backyard to check on my garden.  We had a neighbourhood kid come over and water for us while we were gone, and she did a great job.  Our plants flourished despite the heat. 

Some of my kale

The tomato and fennel plants need some tending

Some jalapeño peppers

The green beans I picked, and went straight to my neighbour

I've got a lot to blog about this coming week.  Menu plan goes up tomorrow with some healthy, post-vacation meal ideas, a review of Boston Pizza's gluten free crust, as well as a review of the place we rented in Rice Lake, Ontario.  For now, I'm off to watch the first installment of the Harry Potter series on TV with my husband, and do nothing but relax!