Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five: Cottage Edition

Tonight is our last night at the cottage.  Tomorrow we'll pack up, go out for breakfast, and head home.  With the heat, we picked a good week to be within walking distance of a lake!  A few thoughts on the past week:

1- Fires burn better when the firewood is cut into smaller pieces.  Bring an axe, or borrow one from a friendly cottage neighbour (like we did).

2- When there's a choice between a lake and a pool to swim in, choose the lake. 

3- Apparently with a cast iron frying pan, you can cook just about everything over the fire.  Including steak.

4- Fishing is fun for a two year old, but throwing rocks into the water to "feed the fish" is even more fun.

5- S'mores can be made gluten and dairy free, and taste just like the real thing!

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