Saturday, July 2, 2011

7 Things on a Saturday: Long Weekend Edition

1- The washing machine broke.  On a long weekend.  When we have guests from out of town.  Of course.  Luckily the local repairman came out and fixed it.  By jiggling a wire in the back.  For $75.

2- There's not much on the menu at Demetre's for a gluten free, dairy free person.  Except for the Granitas, which are fancy ice slushies.  Thankfully, they're delicious, and large enough to keep my son occupied for an extended period of time.

3- Indian food tastes just as good the next day.

4- The only time my son takes a three hour nap is when we have company over, waiting for us to take them out. 

5- Runners are dedicated people.  My husband is out with one of our guests, running in the rain.  I'm uncomfortable on their behalf.

6- For all intents and purposes, our son is daytime potty trained.  There are a few irons to wrinkle out, but this is still cause for celebration!

7- Fireworks should be left to the professionals.


  1. Verry funny portray of our Saturday, Katlheen! I'm here laughing! Oh and don't worry about the rain, it was très rafraîchissant... remember those splashes from the neighbour's pool?... That's how it felt!

  2. Thanks for the comment Joelle! I knew you would understand! Check my site out tomorrow, Wordless WEdnesday, j'utiliserai tes photos d'Etienne!

    Merci pour ta visite et pour les photos!