Saturday, June 18, 2011

Landscaping on a Hot, Sunny Saturday

The little strip of land between my neighbour's house and my own has been a bit of an eyesore since we moved in two years ago.  Our neighbours moved in not long after we did, and as a result we had both inherited this unfortunate little eyesore with so much potential, but a crazy mix of landscaping elements. It was a mixture of a few dangerously leaning umbrella trees, a lovely but sadly misplaced tall tree, wood chips, weeds, and ROCKS of all shapes and sizes. 

We ignored it the summer we moved in because there were other things to be done.

Last summer, we discussed options with the new neighbours and settled on the idea of ripping everything up and just laying down some nice new grass.  They had just finished some renovating in their own house, and so we decided to wait.

This summer, we finally decided that the time was right.  So this morning, armed with a saw, an axe, some shovels, rakes and a wheelbarrow (not to mention about 25 lawn and garden bags), we set to work.  First, down came the trees.

We sawed, hacked, pulled out roots, cut up branches and packed the remains away in lawn bags.  Then came the wood chips and the endless supply of rocks.  Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of rocks went into my neighbours' yard and under their deck. 

The weeds, ivy vines, flower bulbs (of flowers that hadn't popped up since all the rocks had been thrown on top), and weeds all came out.  We tilled the soil, leveled it all out, and rolled out the grass.  

Sounds easy, right?  All in all, the project took 8 hours to complete.  It wasn't a complicated job, just time consuming and physically tiring.  But we were in good company, and the time literally flew by. 

And now we have a lovely little strip of grass that I am proud to share with my neighbours.

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