Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Things on a Friday: The Things I Own Are Staging a Revolt

I'm not kidding.  In the past week, the following has taken place:

1- My microwave began to spark, shooting small flames into the cooking area and making the kind of short-circuit noises that should only be heard in bad sci-fi or horror films.

2- My husband accidentally turned on the element of the stove that the kettle was sitting on, burning almost all the way through the cord.

3- Did I mention that the kettle was plugged in at the time?  No?  It was plugged in to the plug on the stove, causing a mini explosion and making the plug unusable.

4- This was when my mother told me that bad things happen in threes.  Perhaps she meant multiples of three, because then one night this week the wind was so crazy that it snapped the umbrella pole in our patio set in half.  The pole was made of METAL.  And it snapped in half.  Sigh. 

5- To add insult to injury, the coffee pot decided that it would rather steam the water than actually pass it through the filter and make me some coffee.  Three tries later, it finally brewed me a proper cup of coffee, but I know it's just waiting for the right moment to make my life miserable again.  I don't cope well without coffee.

Honestly, I could swear there's an eighties movie about household appliances turning on their owners.  And while nothing has actively tried to KILL me yet, I do smell a bit of rebellion in the air.  Perhaps I'll have to start rounding up the troublemakers and replacing them with some new recruits. 

I'm looking at you, microwave.

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