Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Things on a Friday: Random Thoughts

1- I'd like to wish my friend Sonia a very happy 5th wedding anniversary.  I was there when she met her hubby, saw their beautiful backyard wedding (anyone who thinks backyard weddings can't be sophisticated and stylish need to check out their photos), and have watched them bring two gorgeous children into this world together.  May they enjoy many more years together.

2- If I hear NO one more time from my two year old today I may lose my mind.

3- New York Fries are gluten free.  It is our go-to indulgence when I take my son to the food court and it makes me happy to know that there will always be at least one food court option that is available to him. He enjoyed them today with a side of blueberries from home!

4- Family bathrooms in malls with the little toilets close to the ground for kids are the best thing to happen to public washrooms since, well, ever.  My little guy liked using it so much we had to go back twice.

5- Someone forgot to tell mother nature that it's summer.  I'm tired of the rain. 

Have a fantastic weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow and as always, will post my menu plan on Sunday!

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