Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cleaning out the basement

Today we tackled the basement.  Well, most of it.  We are lucky that our house came with a finished basement when we bought it, with plenty of storage space included in the design.  Unfortunately, that means plenty of space to put all the crap we don't always feel like sorting through or putting away properly throughout the year.  Closet under the stairs, cupboard beside the cold room, the cold room, the furnace room, closet in the spare bedroom in the basement....

So today was the day.  The day we got things under control.

We started under the stairs, pulling out all the randomly place baby items and packing things in boxes according to function- maternity clothes, baby supplies, baby clothes according to size, Christmas and Halloween decorations, wrapping paper and gift boxes, etc.  Now the area under the stairs is organized and clean and I keep opening the door just to check it out.  Gone is the hanging ghost leftover from Halloween that my son used run from every time we went down to the basement.

Next, the furnace room.  It really shouldn't have anything stored in it at all.  I watch those home renovation shows; the ones that remind me that proper air circulation is necessary in that area and that stored boxes create a fire hazard.  It's enough to keep me up at night.  Now, the items have been removed and sorted into their appropriate boxes.  Except for a box of cassette tapes that I'd like to pretend I'm too young to own and an antique vacuum cleaner that we inherited from our old apartment and felt the need to bring with us to our new house.  Even though we've never used it and there's central vacuum in our house.  It's avocado green and looks like that cute robot from Star Wars.  It stays.

Finally we hit up the cold room.  That room is lined with plain wooden shelves that we managed to fill with all manner of things in no particular order.  We boxed most of it up and placed it all on the farthest shelves from the entrance and voila! A clean, spacious cold room ready to do what it was built for- keep my canned goods, onions and potatoes cold. 

The next step will be preparing the play room to be a useful space for not only my son, but also my husband and myself.  Storage for toys, comfy, functional furniture and some sort of a fireplace or safe heater.... but that's a post for another day!

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