Saturday, June 11, 2011

But I don't see a birthday party....

After reminding my son that he would be going to a birthday party today for one of my friend's daughters, my son ran into the living room, looked around and said "But I don't see a birthday party??"  and then looked around the room like the party would jump out at him.  I love when he randomly throws out little gems like that, they make me laugh out loud. 

We did eventually get to the party, and he had a great time.  We made some Something Good cupcakes and brought them along, and he happily chowed down on those instead of cake.  We got a few curious glances from a few of the people we didn't know, but nobody asked, so I didn't offer any apologies or explanations.

My friend is aware of my son's gluten and dairy issues and had actually offered to provide some gluten free pizza and a gluten free cupcake for us.  I didn't want her to go out of her way, so I provided my own for him, and brought extras in case anyone wanted to try.  I felt that as long as my friend and I had worked out a suitable plan for my son that unless someone asked, I didn't really need to get into it.  I welcome the opportunity to explain about celiac & gluten intolerance issues, but I don't feel the need to randomly start discussing it with every person I meet. My focus at events like birthday parties is on providing safe, delicious food alternatives for him that are as close to what other children are eating as possible.  Mission Accomplished.

Tomorrow, we're hosting a friend of mine and her two children for lunch.  The last time they visited, THIS is what we had.  I haven't finalized the plan for tomorrow, but it will be a gluten, dairy, and nut free meal.  It will preferably also be delicious!  I haven't seen my friend in a few months, so it will be great to catch up face-to-face.  It's always better than over email or on the phone.

The menu plan will still go up tomorrow, so be sure to check back. 

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