Friday, May 13, 2011

Update: Kimberly's Celiac Bakery

In March, I posted this review of Kimberly's Celiac Bakery.  The bread, cookies and muffins were some of the best gluten free options I've ever tried.  Unfortunately at the time, they didn't have a website up and running.  I promised that I'd post it when they got it up, and they have. 

Click here to be taken directly to their home page.  It's still quite new, but there is a full product list with prices (in Canadian $).  If you're in the Toronto/York Region area, I've come across their products at Nut'N Gluten in Vaughan and Sue's Market in Richmond Hill. 

I also discovered that they have two locations, when previously they only had one. 

1) 415 Oakdale Rd, Unit 361D
North York, Ontario
M3N 1W7

2) 153 Finch Ave. W
North York, Ontario
M2N 2J1

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