Thursday, May 26, 2011

Up to my eyeballs in Thesis writing

I am the worst friend ever.  Today, a good friend of mine pretty much checked in to see if I was still alive since I haven't responded to her previous two emails.  Sometimes I need a little nudge to remind me that there is a world outside of the computer screen I have been staring at for most of my waking hours the past few months. 

The truth is, my thesis should have been finished a few months ago.

This year, my deferred salary leave year, was initially set up so that my son would start daycare, and I would write my thesis.

Then he got sick.

Every day sick.

Sent home from the daycare-can't-bring-him-back-for-at-least-twenty-four-hours-sick. 

Bloating.  Gas.  Diarrhea.  Weight loss.  Mood changes.  Low iron and vitamin absorption.  Temper tantrums.  Only well enough to go to daycare 4 days during the whole month of December. 

We took him out of daycare two days a week because he was home most of the time anyway.

My focus, understandably, shifted.

Thankfully, we figured out pretty quickly that gluten was the culprit, and once we got his diet under control and his insides had a chance to heal, his health improved.  He still stays home two days a week, and I spend the other three writing. 

So it's taken a little longer than I had anticipated to get the full first draft out.  But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  As much as I would love to push back my self-imposed deadline of Monday, when I meet my supervisor, I won't do it. 

Even if it means that the computer screen will continue to be my best friend for the next few days.

Even if it means that I have to give up spending as much quality time as I would like with my husband and son this weekend.

Even if it means that the Product Review tab and the Gluten Free Travel tab on my blog must be postponed. 

(There's nothing like being a martyr.  Especially when I'm the one who got myself into this mess in the first place!)

At least it's raining.  I don't feel so bad being stuck inside. 

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  1. You got so hooked in your thesis, aren’t you? Focus is good but you shave to balance things out. You need to redesign your daily activities. If you need to rest take a rest, you will run out of ideas if you will not look after yourself. Give time to your family and friends, and maybe they can help you mold your ideas in writing your thesis.