Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Seven List: Last Minute Mother's Day Activities for Kids

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and if your family is like my family, it means that there will be a family gathering, and children looking for things to do while the adults are busy getting a meal ready.  Here are a few activities to keep small children entertained without much effort or many supplies.

1- Do it yourself jewellery boxes/treasure chests:  Any dollar store hinged, plain wooden box will do.  Using whatever materials you have on hand, let the kids go wild decorating their boxes.  Paint, crayons, stickers, buttons, felt, ribbon, fabric, etc. can all be used to great effect when decorating the boxes.

2-Pie plate cymbals:  We made these at the mom and tot class I take my son to, and he loved it.  Take two aluminum pie plate liners and two pipe cleaners.  Poke the pipe cleaners through the middle of each plate to make handles and voila, cymbals.  The fun part comes when it's time to decorate.  We used stickers, but markers or paint could be used by older children.

3- Card stock doorknob hangers:  Using a piece of card stock, cut out a rectangle with a circle near the top big enough to go over a doorknob.  Write _________' Room on the hanger (or have the child write it) and then allow the child to decorate the hanger using crayons, markers, stickers or any other lightweight material on hand.  Older children can write a little message on the hanger as well.

4- Pipe cleaner garden:  Use clean glass jars with the tops removed as the holder.  Using pipe cleaners as flower stems, tie a not a the top of each pipe cleaner.  Using construction paper, cut out flower shapes and push the pipe cleaner through the middle.  Arrange pipe cleaners in the glass jar, using gluten free modeling clay to keep them in place if desired.  Have the children decorate the outside of the jars by painting or placing stickers.

5- Mother's Day Mural:  If you're like me, you have a roll of paper lying around for painting and drawing.  If the weather is nice, take it outside, tape it up to a fence or a wall and let the kids go nuts making a mother's day mural as a back drop to the celebration.  Provide crayons instead of paint to keep things clean.
6- Tried and true picture frame:  Most of us have ugly picture frames lying around the house.  Provide each child with one, and let them create an "I love my mommy" personalized frame.  Cover with fabric or tissue paper, paint, sticky jewels, etc.  Let the child choose which photo they want to put in the frame, and be sure to display it in a prominent place in the house. 

7- Garden Stepping Stone or Pet Rock:  If you have a garden, let the kids create personalized stepping stones using rocks.  Paint the child's name across the rock and give them a chance to decorate it using paint.  No garden?  No big rocks?  Create pet rocks using small stones.  Paint two eyes and a big grin, and let the kid decorate the using permanent markers or paint for older children.  For little kids, my go to is always stickers.

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