Friday, May 6, 2011

In the interest of getting back into shape, I have decided to combine my goal to lose weight and get fit with one of my longtime goals of running 5K.  I've downloaded a free running program designed to get my booty off the couch and on the road running 5K in two months.  We'll see how that goes. 

I'm a little concerned about doing this by myself, because if I'm being honest, I don't always have the most motivation in the world when it comes to exercise.  I'm hoping that the program, which combines a mixture of walking and jogging over the period of the program will help ease my body into being able to handle the challenge.  I've tried running before, but I've never been able to run long distances with any success. 

This has always been something I've wanted to overcome.

I'm terrified of putting this out there because I'm afraid that I might fail in my attempt, but I refuse to allow that fear to stop me from trying.  So, my intention is to document my progress periodically on this site.  Hopefully there will actually be progress to report!

This also means that I have to find three days a week to give myself at least 30 minutes to exercise.  That alone time in itself might be all the motivation I need to continue!

If there's anyone out there who is looking for some online motivation to start/continue with a running program, let me know!

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