Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Answer Calls From the Daycare with Dread

This afternoon I received one of the dreaded daycare phone calls:  My son had ingested something containing gluten.

I know that these things happen, but sometimes the call annoys me more than other times.  Particularly when the contamination was completely avoidable.

Like today.

At the beginning, when they were still feeding him and trying to accommodate his needs, sometimes there was confusion on their part about which foods were safe, particularly when one brand is safe and another isn't.

Sometimes, there was cross-contamination from utensils, toasters, counter tops, etc.

So, in an effort to cut that out, I began providing all of his food in reheat-able containers to avoid the cross-contamination.

Still, the children eat together at tables.  Sometimes my son grabs for something he wants off someone's plate and shoves it in his mouth quickly.  I don't want him sitting at a table alone, but he's only two and so doesn't always understand why he can't eat everything that his friends eat. These things happen.

I know there are crumbs that may go astray, residue from playdoh paints that contain wheat that may somehow end up on his fingers or in his mouth.

But today..... today a staff member served him bread.  And then someone realized what had happened.  After he had shoved the piece in his mouth and eaten it.

So when I saw their number on the phone, I dreaded picking it up.  They only ever call when he's sick or when he's ingested gluten.  When I asked if he had grabbed the bread from someone's plate the response was "No.  Someone served it to him."

I think I said OH.

I like the people who are in charge of my son's particular room, and they are generally quite vigilant, but there have been more than a few incidents of cross contamination.  Most of the time when a "floater" or a replacement cook has somehow cross-contaminated his meal.

But that's not my son's fault.

The daycare has a printout (11 pages) of acceptable and unacceptable foods.

They have instructions on how to avoid cross-contamination.

They have all been briefed on what my son can and cannot eat, and how to avoid cross-contamination.
Tonight, there was only one diarrhea before bedtime.  I'm hoping that's the end of it.

Fingers crossed.


  1. This is one of my biggest fears. We also have a ton of food allergies as well as celiac, so I really get freaked about preschool/daycare situations.

    Of course the other day my husband fed him a (gluten free) breadstick that contained tomato - something he's allergic to. On a MEGA dose of Zyrtec and Singular, he still broke out in a rash. *sigh*

    I hope he doesn't show any other adverse reactions and gets past it quickly!

  2. I hear your pain. He's been on a few medications recently, one of which is a prescription anti-allergic medication that helped suppress the rash. Hopefully today is ok, because with him the gluten reaction can take up to a day to appear.