Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Can Honestly Say No One Has Ever Considered Me Stylish Before...

So I must admit that I'm more than a little excited to have been generously given the Stylish Blogger Award from Cool Bean Mommas.  I recently discovered her blog chronicling her adventures living abroad (with nannies-I'm beyond jealous) and enjoying life with her family.  Definitely a blog worth checking out. 

As part of this award of mysterious origins, I get to tell you 7 things about myself, and then pass on the honor to 10 blogs that are new to me.  Here goes:

1- I am a complete tomboy: I love playing and watching sports, am partial to jeans and t-shirts, and know how to do a ridiculous number of construction type activities thanks to my father. 

2- I am a total bookworm and can plow through any novel in record time:  Regardless of how tired I am, I stay up to read before bed every night.  What varies are the types of books:  more mindless when I have a lot on the go, more serious stuff when I don't.

3- There aren't a whole lot of material things I wouldn't give up in exchange for travel:  Not just beach travel either- I love it all, from figuring out the bus schedule posted only in Arabic in Egypt to staying in solar powered cabins in the jungles of Guatemala, it's all good.  I sometimes get upset by the thought that I'll never be able to see every place on the planet.

4- I'm still a night owl even though my son wakes up at around 6:30 every day and I've the bags under my eyes to prove it.

5- I can't stand the cold.  And I live in Canada.  Just because you get used to the cold doesn't mean you have to like it.  You will never hear me complain about the heat.  Unless I'm pregnant.

6- One of my biggest dreams has always been to have a novel published.  Ideally several, but you know, one would be good too!

7- I love writing lists, often more than I like actually completing the items on it.  It's the crossing out of a completed item that keeps me motivated!

Ten Deserving Blogs
Now for the best part, passing on the torch!  I've been blogging for less than 6 months, so pretty much all of these blogs are fairly new.  They are all deserving of a little recognition.

1. Allie at Baby Fields writes about the challenges and miracles of raising her incredible children.  Her honesty about her life inspires me to be more honest on my own blog. 

2. Funky Mama Bird is a witty, funny blog that always puts me in a good mood.

3- Candy Hearts is dear to my heart because Wendy was the first ever (only ever) guest blogger on my site, and she put more attention to detail and effort into her post than my tiny little blog deserved.  She is also a great advocate for Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.

4- Ava Grace's Closet.  Not only because I love the names Ava and Grace, but also because her blog is quite stylish.  Much more stylish than my own I must confess.

5- Joy Just Because.  The title says it all, really.

6- The Knit Wit By Shair.  Seriously, the title is enough to make you want to check out this blog. 

7- Caffeinated Autism Mom.  Shares her experiences raising two boys on the Autism spectrum, maintaining her sense of humor through it all.

8- GF Savvy.  All things Gluten Free.  An issue clearly near and dear to my heart.

9- M's Art Impressions.  The photography and artwork on this site are delicious.  When I'm in need of a pick-up, I scroll through this site.

10- Multiple Mayhem Mamma.  Funny, honest, engaging.  A really great blog.

Well, there it is.  10 Stylish bloggers, all doing their thing.  Check them out and show them some love.  They deserve it!


  1. Awww Kathleen! Thanks so much.

    So sweet. And I will search for that pic on your blog! :)


  2. Hey, thank you so much for passing on that award to me! That way, i discovered your site and am a new follower now! Since i do recherche on gluten free dieting for an article right now, i'll sure be back! Hope your weekend is lovely! :)

  3. Thanks so much, Kathleen! I am honoured to have been included in your list! Glad I can (hopefully) provide some laughs and enjoyment. Cheers!