Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Photos!

A few months ago a good friend of ours, Kellyanne of Kels Photography took some family photos.  Today, her hubby dropped off the final photos.  So, although I had another post ready to go, I can't help but post a few of the wonderful shots she took of my family.  You'll notice in some photos my son is either holding or chewing on a gluten free cracker (with the accompanying chipmunk cheeks).  Let's just say he was not the most cooperative child that he could have been that day!  She still managed to get some great shots though.  Here are a few.


  1. Hi. I have been following your blog for a bit now. My son is just 17 months and I think he has celiac. He had the blood test and it came out neg. which I figured. We met today with a gastro nurse practitioner and she thinks he has IBS. I just am so confused right now. He has been sick off and on since nov with pneumonia, rsv (he is a twin and a 34 wkr), now has asthma, milk allergy, anemia, diarrhea everyday or constipation, he also now has reflux and was given zantac today. He had ear tubes a month ago and after being on so many antibiotics he developed c diff so that in turn is what they feel destroyed his bowels. She told me to try the IBS fiber diet for a month to see. He is adopted so I have no clue family history. He is hispanic and she told me she doesn't feel it is celiac since its not a common disease amongst that nationality. He fits so many of the celiac symptoms that its so crazy to me. Did you ever get a diagnosis from your dr. or did you just cut gluten? I am so willing to try that cause this is so hard to see him go through. Thanks for listening to my blurb I just feel so strongly this is his problem. He use to love wheat bread and now he won't even touch it. I know he knows what hurts his tummy and what doesn't.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    Your situation is a tough one because there are so many things that can be affecting him. While it's true that not many Hispanics are diagnosed with celiac, my son is half Latin American. Also, my husband's sister and Uncle are doctors, and they both commented that part of the reason is that traditionally the Latin American diet doesn't contain many wheat/barley/rye,etc. based products to begin with, so the prevalence would be less just by a lack of exposure to gluten.

    There are two different blood tests, along with the biopsy for accurately diagnosing celiac, although people can fall on a large spectrum of intolerance or allergy without having celiac. Our gastro doctor told us that none of the tests are 100% reliable on children under the age of 3, although some say 5.

    Our son had low iron, vitamin D, etc., but our doctor suggested that we not put him back on the gluten diet for the necessary few months to do the biopsy because he was too sick (he had lost over 5 pounds in about a month, from 25 to 19 pounds) and was having 5-6 diarrhea bowel movements a day. The gluten free diet worked really well for us and his symptoms disappeared. He has been cross-contaminated a few times since, and the reaction is always the same.

    I would try your doctor's suggestion to see if it works or not. If he has celiac, or a gluten allergy, or intolerance, than the high fiber diet is only going to maintain the symptoms and then you can switch to the gluten free diet if that's what you feel is right for you.

    Our doctor provided us with a written diagnosis of celiac/severe gluten intolerance based on his symptoms and the clear turnaround on the GF diet. We didn't have all the other factors that your son has though, so there weren't any antibiotics or anything affecting his intestinal tract. Just keep trying new things, and if the high fiber diet doesn't work, perhaps suggest to your doctor that you'd like to try going gluten free, just to see what happens.

    Let me know how it all works out. It's crazy, but knowing what you're dealing with makes it so much easier to cope.