Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Wonderful Surprise!

I had a whole big post planned today, but it's all gone out the window and I'll have to post it tomorrow.  Tonight, while I was touching base with my family at home, I received a fantastic surprise!  My brother-in-law who is studying tourism in Cancun (I know, studying is a relative term when the University is in Cancun) waltzed into the kitchen completely unannounced!

There are four brothers in my husband's family, and two live outside of the country.  This is the first time that all four have been together since 2008, and the first time that our son met  his youngest uncle.  It took about 20 minutes for him to completely warm up to his Tio Juancito.

My brother-in-law Juan decided to make a surprise visit when he heard that we were going to be visiting in April.  Unfortunately he could only come at the end of our trip due to exams, but we have a whole long weekend ahead of us to enjoy him!  Have a wonderful night.

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