Friday, April 29, 2011

So did you watch?

I thought of a lot of topics for today's post, but let's be honest, the Royal Wedding took over the imagination of the world today.  I'll admit it, I got up early to watch, and I'm glad I did.  I'm not a Royal follower or anything, but I enjoy these once in a lifetime type events, so I made a point to catch it.

I remember watching Princess Diana's wedding as a child with my mom and my grandmother, so I blame them for my interest!  I know that no one needs a run down of one of the most covered events in history, so I'll limit my post to the 5 things that struck me the most.

Five Things on a Friday: Royal Wedding Edition

1- Kate Middleton & Prince William: She looked beautiful and her dress will become a timeless classic.  Her sister's dress was stunning as well, and the children in the wedding party were super cute and well behaved.  The Prince looked pretty darn cute himself, all blushing and shy.  Maybe it's just me, but was anyone else surprised at how many names he has?  My goodness. 

2- The Queen: I want to look as good as the Queen does at 85 years old. She was radiant in yellow, and could pass for a woman 15 years younger.  Her husband was pretty spry for pushing 90 as well.  I also noticed that she didn't have to sing along to God save the Queen.  But her husband sang.  Good man.

3- The Ring: I held my breath when it looked as though that ring wouldn't go on the bride's finger.  Every woman's nightmare.  Then I realized that she didn't put a ring on his finger.  Wonder why?

4- The Kiss: The balcony kiss was a bit awkward, but then I know that my wedding kiss was a bit awkward too, and I didn't have a million people screaming in my ear at my wedding.  On second thought, their kiss was pretty good, all things considered.

5- The Fascinators: British women don't screw around when it comes to their hats.  Or fascinators,  as  they are officially called.  I informed my husband that I have a new addition to my bucket list: Attend a function that requires a fascinator as part of the attire.  Not just a hat; anyone can throw on a hat.  I want to wear one of those crazy, precariously perched works of art that cost more than the rest of the outfit put together.

One last thought- I wonder if any of the Royals are gluten free?  Do you think there's a meal choice option on the invite?  Do you call up Buckingham Palace and explain your dietary restrictions if you have celiac disease?


Kate was a commoner. 

You just never know.

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